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Buyers Products

Burke Landscape Supply Sells Buyers Snow Equipment & Parts

Buyers Snow Equipment is one of the top manufacturers making brands, SnowDogg, SaltDogg and ScoopDogg. Founded in 1946, they engineer, manufacture, and assemble snow equipment in the USA.  Buyers products are reliable and dependable. Burke Landscape Supply carries a full line of Buyers equipment and Buyers replacement parts.

See below for a full line of Buyers products.  After you find the Buyers product that you want, stop by one of our two convenient locations in either Clifton Hieghts or Trainer, PA.  Or, if you prefer, call our Trainer location at 610-494-9600.

Buyers Snow Equipment SnowDogg, SaltDogg, & ScoopDogg New Equipment

Burke Landscape Supply sells Buyers Snow Equipment SnowDogg, SaltDogg, & ScoopDogg offering access to quality new equipment. Manufactured to high quality standards, each of these brands is reliable and flexible enough to handle your winter needs.  Stop by our showroom to see a selection of the best new Buyers equipment.

We Have Your Buyers Replacement Parts

Burke Landscape Supply has a wide selection of Buyers Snow Equipment replacement parts in stock.  Our experienced sales staff can help you locate the right part for your Buyers product.  Additionally, we have a repair shop on site.  Stop by or call us at 610-494-9600.

Buyers replacement parts

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Buyers Snow Equipment and Parts


Trust Burke Landscape Supply – Serving Quality Business Over 35 Years

Burke Landscape Supply, knows how to supply quality service, they have been in business over 35 years. Supplying the best products, as a result, you get access to the best equipment on the market. Access to quality equipment includes Buyers Snow Equipment.